Mykkeltvedt & Loftin are specialists in personal injury law.

 It’s one thing to claim to be an expert. It is entirely another to have tried—and won—numerous personal injury cases over a combined two decades in law. Mykkeltvedt & Loftin have that experience. You deserve that expertise. If you have been injured, please give us a call. Our areas of practice:


Automobile Liability 

We help persons injured in car accidents seek the compensation they deserve.  read more  »

Commercial & Motor Carrier Liability

In the high-pressure (and high-speed) world of trucking, we represent drivers injured on the job and accident victims injured on the road.  read more  »

Catastrophic Injury

In all types of cases involving debilitating injury, we help the most vulnerable and deserving victims find some measure of relief.  read more  » 

Premises Liability

When accidents happen on someone else’s property, we stand against owner negligence, and for the injured.  read more  »

Wrongful Death

At an intensely emotional time for grieving families, we work to uncover the truth when negligence is suspected.  read more  »

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